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Balloon fiesta Waregem 2016: hot air balloon fiesta Belgium

During the longest day of the year (june 25), the airspace above Waregem, Belgium will be filled with hot air balloons!
It is already the 18th edition of this ballooning event. The balloon fiesta takes place in the middle of the city of Waregem.

The city of Waregem also organizes the event "Waregem kinderstad" at the same location.

And: the entrance is FREE. Balloonhappening Waregem is an event of the city of Waregem, in cooperation with Gino Ciers hot air balloon flights from Hulste (near Harelbeke, Belgium).

Balloon fiesta Flanders

Highlights of this balloon fiesta

  • a lot of hot air balloons (including special shape balloons)
  • a very nice event on a magnificent location
  • an event of the city of Waregem in cooperation with Gino Ciers Ballooning
  • FREE entrance

Event schedule: shedule Sunday April 26 2015


This event takes place during the last sunday of April:
April 26 2015.


still days to go until the balloon fiesta starts!


fly with us on a hot air balloon rideMake a hot air balloon ride during this event.

We have still some places left. Making a balloon ride during an event is always a unique experience.

More info: hot air balloon rides Belgium

FLIGHTS in Belgium

balloon flights in Belgium

Are you also coming to our event?

Below you'll find some very nice pictures of this event. You can click on the images to see them in bigger size.

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